Trading binary options online has two major modules: the broker and the trader. Even if the investor is adequately informed and knowledgeable about the subject matter i.e. binary options, a lot of negatives can be drawn from dealing with a crooked binary options broker. 

It is at this point that a trader starts to complain, but at the same time, his complaints needs to be channeled across appropriately for it to be taken seriously. There are guidelines that needs to be adhered to in order for such complaints to hold water, although this is not like a rule book kind of guideline, but just something that will give your complaints the much needed attention.

Post Comments
One of the most efficient ways of getting attention on a problem is by making it public on the “Comments” section of a broker’s website or blog area. Although the impact is seemingly low, owing to the fact that since such comments can only attract comments from other blog users. An upside to this is that it can get the attention of a lot of readers as they scroll through the comment section. Well, if it is a damaging comment, the broker might be forced to take up some actions, since it will not want to see potential clients get scared away by such seemingly harmful comments.

Drop some Customer Reviews
Customer Reviews is an effective way of dropping observations, which are usually in the form of ratings, sometimes ranging from 0 – 5 (with 0 being very poor service delivery and 5 coming in as excellent). There are websites where reviews are ranked as “One Thumbs Up,” “Two thumbs Up,” “Three Thumbs Up,”….. Part of the things that are required of you when submitting customer reviews is to provide your email address, so you can be reached in response to your complaints.

Drop Comments on Forums
Forums are an efficient way of posting your complaints out there. There are independent forums and affiliate forums, but while the independent forums are not in any way related to any binary options broker, the affiliate forums are usually companies that have one or more links to big brokerage firms (thereby making them look bias).

Traders are more inclined to have their comments on independent forums, who seem to have nothing in common with brokerages and as such offer a platform with little or no censorship – the truth is out there. Once you drop your complaints on independent binary options trading forums, traders who suffered similar fate can join the discussion and share with you how they went about solving their problems, or possibly if you’re in a dead end situation.

Most independent forums have tens of thousands of members and damaging complaints about a binary options broker can hurt a great deal. It is because of this singular reason that some of these forums do also have representatives of different brokerages usually present to clear the air on complaints pertaining to their brands.

Just as they say, there’s power in numbers and forums offer a perfect platform for binary options traders to gather and discuss about varying broker issues. This evidently attracts the brokers’ attention and the complaint stands a better chance of being resolved. This is so because the broker can earn for himself some bragging rights on the forum upon solving any related problem.

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