Best Binary Options Signals

What are Binary Options Signals?

Binary options signals are alerts that are delivered by a company, a professional trader or a third-party service provider, to market participants in the same niche who’re without the requisite knowhow, or do not have the time to study the marketplace for themselves. Binary options signals are a lot different from managed accounts that has the investor hands-off his account, allowing the trading service provider do everything on his behalf, whereas the binary options signal is dependent on the recipient of the signal to interpret and enter as required.
The idea of binary options signal was derived from currency trading. As currency traders have already started putting to use this trading method. This method is known as mirror trading in currency trading. it allows traders copy the trades carried out by more experienced traders or employ software to assist them in studying charts.
One very common way of generating profits in the binary options niche is to employ technical analysis in determining trends. Let’s look at an example where the price of an asset that has been in a prolong rise, but suddenly declines in just about some seconds. What is obtainable in most cases is that price will retrace afterwards. This is usually because a lot of traders in the market will jump into the market to buy an asset once they see a sudden drop, which would then result in price jumping back up.
A binary options trader that sees the initial drop, can predict the value the asset would spike back to, hence enter a “call.” Although this sort of trends do not develop quite often, and they can be very tasking for traders to look out for, as traders might require sitting on their trading desk for long straight hours with several chart windows opened for multiple assets.
This has made it imperative for binary options signal, which come in the form of software programs that sweep market charts all day long for clues and direction or even market professionals who own such programs and make sense off the clues and directions that they received from these program (the result of which is signals that are sent to their subscribers). As such let us take a look at some of these binary options signals.

The Binary Profit Method

The Binary Profit Method is a binary options trading signal that was developed by Steve Nichols or the “Self Made basement Trader” as he’s fondly called. Having been recently released to the general public, its trial has shown positive feedbacks, with winning ratio hitting over 90%, which translates into some huge revenues for its users.
The system itself is entirely web based and as such does not require a downloadable client to run. You also do not need to be a top notch binary options expert to be able to deploy the system. Year of careful tweaking and development has enable the Binary Profit Method to resolve most issues and also being a system that delivers winning signals all day long, binary options traders are increasingly becoming more confident using this signal service.

binary options signals
One of its unique feature is based on the fact that the system allows you trade binary options on all periods spanning from 1-minute to monthly expiration. The system is tailored to be used on several brokers, which means you’re not just locked to specific brokers, as seen on some binary options signal services.
Another thing I noticed is that the all the indicators used on the Binary Profit Method are built on MT4 charts. The signal service offers 3 indicators which includes Price impulse, Market Power and Price range. With their overlapping, their probability of winning increases dramatically.
Consequently, this system is worth giving a try and you can contact Steven directly via email that is provided on the website.

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Copyop Review

Copyop is a binary options social trading network that allows traders to copy trades from real human traders who’re more experienced. This places them in a position where they can make profits off the back successful pro traders. Copyop is run by Ouroboros Derivatives Trading Limited, which is in turn licensed and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission under CYSEC License number: 187/12.
Copyop was launched in January 2015, as the first binary options social trading system. Anyoption, the world’s biggest binary options trading website runs Copyop. The essence of this network is to allow you watch and automatically copy other binary option traders on the anyoption platforms or on copyop.

binary options signals
Copyop significantly differs from other traditional binary options signal service, in that it doesn’t deploy an algorithm that sends signals, instead it depends on real traders that can be followed. Although some of the copying services we have around focus on currencies only, Copyop allows users on the network asides forex, trade on indices, commodities, and a selection of stocks in Asia, Europe and America.
The copyop social trading network has a reward system in place that allows binary options traders that get copied receive copyop coins for subsequent conversion to real money. For every trade that gets copied, they receive 2 coins each and 1 coin for each trade followed. The payment of reward coin does not depend on trade success, although the more successful trades they make, the more copiers they’ll get.
Once you’re signed up to Copyop via their website on, you are able to check the list of traders you’ll be able to follow. You can click the “Follow” button on the trader you wish following or click on the “Watch” button. The difference is that when you “Watch” a trader, you’ll get a notification when they trade, but you’ll have to enter your trades manually, whereas when you “Follow” the system automatically copies what they trade.
Copyop has the “The Explore Feed” section that gives you recent trades that are most popular and the “The Hot List” area that allow you see top ten traders of the past 12- hours, 1- week and 3- months. This is a coll feature and expect anyone on Copyop to always try them out.
You’ll be required to have an account with a binary options broker, and in this case AnyOption is the preferred choice. Asides this, the copyop’s website offers loads of helpful tools that can be accessed in five languages i.e. English, Spanish, German, Italian and French. Copyop is available on the Google Play and the Apple App store, thus offering a wide range of support to its teeming clientele.

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Binary Replicator Review

Binary Replicator is another social trading network that is run by CToption, a UK based binary options broker that is financed by Panda Trading System Limited. Panda specializes in developing online forex and binary options trading platforms.
Binary Replicator is one of CtOption’s brainchild offering innovative social trading technology that enables you watch how professionals trade and learn from their moves. You are free to follow as many
professionals as you desire and you can select to just monitor their strategies alone in “Manual Mode” and obtain clues and insights, or you can also follow and copy their trades.

binary options signals
Before you hit that Copy button, you’ll have to specify the mount you’re willing to risk on a trade. Once you do this and a professional trader enters a trade, it will be replicated on your trading account instantly. It is features like this that makes the Binary Replicator quite flexible, amidst other array of customizable settings.
The auto trader feature is one that even beginners will find very convenient and easy to deploy. Howbeit, profits made from every trade entered is a function of the expertise of the professional trader you copy. This means that you should carefully choose whom to follow. It is recommended that you stop following a trader once you discover that they are beginning to make reckless moves. On your part, you should monitor your account frequently, to ensure that those you copy stick to planned strategies.
Finally, our test reveals that the Binary replicator has so far achieved a success rate of above 80%, something I term a good feat.

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Boss Indicator Review

Boss Indicator is a binary options signal service that supports MT4 platforms and has been in the market for about 2 years now. On its website at it claims it is the first Forex Probabilistic Indicator ever designed for binary options.
The Boss Indicator signal software provides signals mainly for 4 major fx pairs and 6 exotic pairs. Its latest upgrade version 4.0 now includes a free push notification, that enables traders get notified on their smart devices whenever an alert is triggered. The software prides in a neural network technology that is thought to aid the software forecast the chances of the next candle being bearish or bullish without repainting or wasting time.

As much as the market is open, the Boss Indicator delivers signals and the latest upgrade is believed to deliver better signals at a higher frequency. The price tag on the Boss Indicator is $249, which is quite a heavy tag. Although if you “Like” the Boss Indicator’s Facebook page, you’ll get a free 3-day trial. This should be a great way of testing out the signal service.
One unique feature of the Boss Indicator is in its deploying of Money Management and as a matter of fact, it is the first indicator for binary options that offers such feature. Considering your deposit and the profitability of the signal, the indicator offers you to mark the investment.
Brokers that do not delay in opening positions and have zero spread are most suited for Boss Indicator. If this indicator is managed properly, it offers the potential of dramatically improving ones trading result, and subsequently translate into more profits. It is nice to say that, Boss Indicator has a guaranteed free lifetime support, offering upgrades and updates.

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Binary Option Robot review

Binary Option Robot is currently a very popular signal service in the binary options niche. If you visit their website at you’ll get tons of information regarding their service. However, I’ll do a recap to give you a good picture of what to expect. First, you’ll notice that the website offers support in German, English, Spanish, French, Italian and Russian.

The Binary Option robot comes in a free and pro version for $79, with the free version granting you permission to auto trading functionality but with limited access. Before you delve any further, the Binary
option Robot is available for use on just four brokers: Stockpair, BossCapital and Tradorax. Notice that clients from the United States can deploy this signal service only via Tradorax. Using this software on any of the above mentioned brokers is quite easy, just download and install the software, create and account and logon to your account, deposit funds in your cashier, select “START AUTO TRADING” and “open sesame.” This opens you to boundless trading opportunities.
It is worth mentioning that the signal service would not work on an already existing account with any of these broker. You’ll be required to open an account via the robot’s interface. You’ll have to create another account, even if you have an existing account with any of the above mentioned brokers via the robot’s interface.
The minimum deposit that is allowed is $200, while the recommended amount for you to start trading is $450. Asides this, I must say that the Binary Option Robot allows you to take a shot at the market by executing any 3 of its trading system on the auto-trader.
There is the “Classic System” that allows you trade the same amount not minding whether you win or lose. The “Martingale System” on the other hand increases your trade amount after a loss and then readjust back to the original amount after a win. The “Fibonacci System” increases your trade size after a loss and decreases same after a win.
Signals are generated by the Binary Option robot from 6 different indicators i.e. Trend Indicator, MACD Indicator, RSI Indicator, Stoch Indicator, Williams %R Indicator and CCI Indicator.

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Delivery of Binary Options Signals

Generated signals can only be very useful if they’re able to reach their target users in a timely manner, using methods of communication that are instant are void of delays. In binary options, time is of essence and a delay-induced entry can just be the difference between gain and loss.
Trade alerts can be distributed to subscribers via the following mediums.
a) SMS: Signal service providers send out periodic alerts to subscribers via text messages. This provide access to fast and instant delivery on mobile devices. The subscribers are only required to submit their mobile numbers. The disadvantage to this is that sometimes when there’s a drop in network from network providers, it could lead to delays, which could be costly for the subscribers. Asides this, this is a wonderful delivery system, as people tend to always have their mobile devices on them.
b) Email: The electronic mail was one of the first delivery methods for sending out signals to subscribers. This had a drawback, as it does require traders to have access to their PC that is connected to the internet. One of these two may be absent, thereby creating problems for the subscriber. Another demerit is that emails could get delivered to the spam folder, and a trader stand to lose on the opportunity.
c) Website: Some signal service would have a member’s only section, where subscribers can log on to. Once logged in, they’re able to view trade alerts as they arrive.

Avoid Binary Options Alert Service Scam

Binary Options is gaining a lot of popularity recently, brokers and alert service providers seems to be cashing in on this. However, there is a downside to this, as we now have con artist who are claiming to be what they aren’t. This is quite disheartening, because unsuspecting clients are falling to their tricks, thus losing a great deal of fortune in return. This article will show you how to spot these scams and eventually avoid them in the long run.

1. Get and know it Right
It is important to get and know it right. Why this? Well, there are quite a lot of alert service providers. Some of these providers deliver their services in the form of blog and forum posts, or even in the form of newsletter. Alert services of this nature come as free and normally not all of them. Asides this group is another group of alert service providers that are dedicated alert providers. Another group of alert providers are the automated alert service providers, while the opposite of this group are the manual alert service providers.

Other alert services can be install on PCs to help keep track of market and are able to make trade decisions on your behalf. Owing to the fact that there are so many alert service providers in the binary options, it is therefore important that you get and know it right – thus you’ll be in the know of what a service of interest does. For instance, if you’re subscribed to newsletters, it means you shouldn’t expect to have it your trades automatically entered, while you’ll be required to sit in front of your pc if you’re subscribed to a manual alert service, an automated signal service will require less monitoring.

2. Free Versus Paid services
There are free alert services and also paid alert services. However, when a service requires that you put in your persona information, it should be worth it. Considering that the internet is somewhat unregulated, one has to be careful about giving out his/her personal info in order not to have them in the wrong hands. Another thing that you should be wary of is the paid alert services that offer free trial period that cost $0.00, but you’ll be required to sign up your credit card details.

You won’t be charged during the duration of the trial period, but upon expiration you’ll be charged the full fee, except you remove your CC details from the website. The binary options alert service provider offers this information in small letters, somewhere at the bottom of the page. It is mandatory by law for them to make this known, but they try to make it as less visible as possible.

3. Trading Bots are Creepy
Some alert services offer trading bots or robots as an attractive feature. What makes this a bit creepy is the fact that these trading bots will automatically take full control of your trading account and initiate trades based on the built in algorithms. The creepy part is knowing that some computer program is taking decisions on your behalf, but you’re the one who seems to be bearing all the risk. Hmmm!! What happens when Skynet gets out of control?

4. Don’t be Laid-back
It is important not to be laid-back in the binary options niche, if you want to get serious with the market then you should do it yourself. Ensure you go through the pains of learning the ropes, eventually it will help in your transition into a pro trader.

5. Go Social
Social trading is the way to go. They are a new form alert service delivery system, where a binary options alert service provide offers a platform where traders can meet, talk to each other, view trade history, compare results and do much more. I strongly recommend that traders embrace this trend and go social.


Regardless of some of wonderful signal services that we have elaborated upon, there are many traders out there who would still identify trading signals without any aid. They do this by simply monitoring the financial news. The trader has to monitor the financial news to be able to identify trends. Subsequently, traders are able to use this to review historical news, see how the market reacted in the past when influenced by similar event. For instance, a trader may see that the S&P 500 had seen its value appreciate
in the past in line with the release of a poor unemployment rate. Taking a close look at this trend, a trader is able to correlate the unemployment rate with a binary options signal for the S&P 500 market index. To be able to make this process fluid, traders can plan to periodically review online financial news from credible sources like Bloomberg, yahoo finance, or set up an alert to notify them when there is a breaking news based on a specified financial instrument.
To simplify this process, traders are now able to identify binary options signal services. Just like we’ve elaborated in our subsequent reviews, these 3rd party services come with a fee (either lifetime or renewable over time), offering traders trading service on an array of assets. Usually, signals of this nature are automated generated after thorough analysis of historical trends, after which signals are sent to subscribing traders.

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