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Automated binary options robot offers market participants a different approach to earnings within the binary options niche. The automated binary options trading is a concept that takes a cue from the currency market and implements it onto binary options trading. They are also referred to as binary option trading robots, and as such they’re able to initiate trades on the trader’s behalf, even when the trader isn’t present on his computer.

The concept of binary options robot are quite new in the binary options world, but their selling point remains the fact that they can save the trader valuable time. The idea is born out of the fact that an investor can be present in the market while moving on with their lives. These trading robots asides from the fact that they present an opportunity cost of not trading, they are able to substitute the minutest financial analysis knowledge with a cutting-edge price action recognition software that generates alerts. These binary trading robots if fully integrated can help traders cut down on time required to understand financial variables and such free time can be channeled for other things.

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The binary options robot has a pretty simple set up process, you’ll require an account with a binary options broker, set up the robot, trades are automatically entered and the robot manages your entire positions. A lot of work goes into the designing of an automated binary options trading software, most of which is very complex algorithm that is deployed in detecting signals in the market and make them take decisions on the trader behalf. These algorithm can scan the current market conditions and correlate them to historical data, thus identifying trading opportunities and can execute the very best.

Automated binary options trading software are devoid of emotions as seen when their human counterparts are subjected to same or similar trading conditions and parameters. Once conditions are met robots are able to trigger trades effortlessly by scanning market trends, while deploying its complex algorithmic system. Once the rules i.e. for entry, exit, take profit, loss, money management, etc. are set, the binary options robot independently interacts with the market and make critical decisions on the traders’ behalf.

Upon configuring the binary options robot, it is of primary importance that the trading rules are defined in their complete stretch, due to the inability of the algorithm in making guesses or reading between the lines. It thus means that the binary trading robot permits you to backtest the numbers before betting your money. Investors are able to put to test such converted trading rules on historic data, thus gauging and redefining their trading results.

To fully understand automated binary options trading robots, it is imperative that we review some of the best out there from the pool of automated trading robots. The real problem is in the difficulty of selecting from a pool of automated binary options trading software, where in most cases they’re based on fictitious ad claims of massive profits, where in reality they really don’t deliver on those promises.

iROBOT – Binary Option Robot

iRobot auto trading system offers a 100% auto pilot risk free binary options trading signal service. iRobot is a groundbreaking binary option auto trading software that deliver investors that “advantage” over the market that is needed to be in the green when trading binary options. Traders in the United States, Canada and other regions are eligible to use this service.

Trading Software and Assets

iRobot binary options auto trading system is designed to work on PC and handhelds i.e. mobile devices. This means that traders can view signals when on their internet enabled PCs regardless of the browser (Chrome, Mozilla, Microsoft Edge or Safari) that is in use. That is to say that the iRobot software is a web based application that requires just an active internet connection, along with any one of the aforementioned updated internet browser.

irobot assets
The trading software offers user the ability to swap between automated trading to manual trading with a click of the button. This ultimately offers users full access to their trading accounts, funds, as well as the number of trades that the trader is willing to execute.
With an 85% average win rate iRobot binary options auto trading system is the most profitable trading system in the industry. It has continued to dish out over 17,000 signals since its creation and still counting. Some of the supported brokers on iRobot includes some of the most reliable and trusted binary options brokers i.e. Banc De Binary, Binary Tilt, Boss Capital, GOptions, Tradorax, TR Binary Options, Option Rally, Cherry Trade, OptionWeb, StockPair and Benedict Morris.
The trader can make a pick from the itemized currency assets. To make a pair available for trading (green) the trader has to click on it and unclick on it to make it unavailable (red).

Trade Types

indicatorsThere are no restrictions on the trade types that are allowed on iRobot binary options auto trading system. Traders on iRobot are free to select between Fibonacci, Martingale or Classic trading methods.
Other trade types that are found on its broker list are also supported i.e. High/Low Binary Options, the more advanced One Touch and the 60 Seconds Options.

Trading Accounts

The various brokers that are supported on iRobot offer varying trade accounts, but the iRobot binary options trading software can yield profitable trades on all account types across supported board. Traders are able to hold between 1 to a maximum of 8 trades at once for the purpose of risk management.

Demo Account

Most of the binary options robots don’t offer demo accounts, where traders can test the system before depositing funds. Not the case with iRobot. After your registration, you can choose to test the system on a demo account provided by broker. At anytime you can switch from demo to real account and vice-versa.

Deposits and Withdrawals

You’ll be required to register Free Account with an iRobot preferred broker, after which you’ll be able to create a practice account from which you’ll be able to try out the iRobot binary option robot performance, before you can begin trading on a live account.
The minimum amount on most binary options brokers is $250. Major credit cards, bank wire and Skrill/Moneybookers are but a few of the methods in which fund can be deposited and also withdrawn when needed.


iRobot offers its users a brilliant help desk round-the-clock 24/7.

Other Features

Affiliates are also welcomed on iRobot, considering the high $300 CPA that is paid on every referred trader. Affiliates on iRobot stand to enjoy features like “Daily Reports,” monthly bonuses for best affiliates and prompt remittance of commissions.
There are six powerful indicators that are used in building the complex algorithm behind the iRobot software (Trend Indicator, MACD, RSI, Stochastic, Williams%R and CCI). If all six are ticked, then it means all signals must have to be in one direction if all six indicators are selected – which implies that more indicator means less trades, but more profitable.


Instant Income App Review

The Instant Income App is a trading software that is developed by Mathew Michael for the purpose of binary options automated trading. The robot is designed to be deployed by all traders of all levels, be it newbies or professionals. Created in the early 2013, the Instant Income App robot is one such software that traders can trust and set up onto their trading platform.

binary options robot

This software is able to effectively forecast winning trades within a 70-95% probability. Based on prevalent market conditions, the robot is able to display on your chart winning probability and also give instructions on when it is suitable to call or put. The Instant Income App can be configured to place trades based on hourly and daily charts, thereby generating entry alerts for options durations spanning 1- day, 15- minute, 30- minute and 1- hour. The robot is built to monitor the market and adjust to present conditions.

You can visit the Instant Income App website here: to be able to register. The site is a landing page that offers information on the current number of instant income app members, which was 47 as at the time of writing. There’s a “Live Trading Results” bar that scrolls information on results. The “CREATE YOUR FREE ACCOUNT” field allows you to enter your email to be eligible for a free software, but you’ll be required to open an account with a binary option broker i.e. one in which the software vendor is affiliated to. Once you can figure this out, then you’re ready to rock and roll! It is worth note taking that I employ anyone interested in this software to listen to the Instant Income App Video that is hosted on the landing page.


Why Chose a Binary Options Trading Robot?

A Binary Options robot is not just a simple signal or alert service, rather they are essentially software that can scan the market for opportunities and make trade decisions on the traders’ behalf with little or no interference form the trader. Trading robots have been around with us in the investment world for a long time, but are somewhat new to Binary Options.

Types of Trading Robots
There are obviously Binary Options robots that can take over your account completely and trade on your behalf. This type of robot will require that you download a software program in most cases and add your trading account details, so the robot can have full privileges. The robot is able to initiate trade data like amount, direction, expiration and the asset of course. This type of robot will normally work on compatibility platforms, so you’ll have to check with you broker first to know if the support the binary options robot you’re eyeing.

There’s another type of robot that seem to be making a lot of noise today – this is the Social Copy Trader. The Copy Trader is also known as an EA or Expert Advisor. It is commonly used on MT4 platforms and other kinds of charting software to create signals that are built on technical studies and strategies frequently used today. It this sort of robot that are being deployed for Copy Trading, hence traders can follow signals or alerts that suits them and such signals or alerts can be subsequently replicated on one’s trading account.

Robots Might just be Okay
Robots might just be okay since they take the trouble out of trading. If you are diligent enough to pick the right robot for you, then profits are bound to follow. The caution that we must take is to be aware that just like human trading, robots do also have losing streak, hence the need not to throw away an effective money management technique out the window.

Are Binary Options Robots a Rip-off?
It is a fact that some Binary Options robots are a rip-off. I personally am against any binary options robot that does not offer a real learning experience. In the life of a trader, I feel as the years roll by your trading prowess should enhance alongside, and just allowing a robot do all the trading for you is not the right way to go. I might just not want to sound too harsh on a few legitimate and real businesses that are involved in designing robots, but guys you can’t run away from learning how to trade if you must survive in this business.

Avoiding Binary Options Robots Scams
Here’s the catch, binary options robots cost money. Don’t you feel a bit uncomfortable paying for a service that could eventually lead to you losing your entire funds? It is critical to scan through the available binary options robots and get one that has a competent history. Trust me, this would save you a lot of headaches going forward.

Choosing binary options should be done as a thing to compliment a good trader, not the robot being entirely the trader. You should never let anyone trade for you in this manner. Endure the pain, put in the time and watch the rewards follow.


Having gone through full Auto-Trading robots and semi-automated trading software as seen in the robots we did review, the onus is on the trader when selecting which auto trading service to settle for.

The primary advantage of subscribing to an automated binary options trading robot is the fact that it will trade your funds on your behalf for a complete auto-trading robot or offer signal services for a semi-automated trading software (where you’ll then have to manually enter the trade by yourself). The benefit of these features is that it minimizes the number of trading opportunities the trader will have to miss if he has to rely solely on his/her prowess to analyze the market and then make decisions moving forward (this can be a cumbersome and brain wrecking process).

The process of setting up an automated binary options trading robot is usually simple and quick, meaning a beginner can also do this with ease. The structure of binary options robot takes away the complexity of having to acquaint yourself with complex MT4 charting module, API software or related indicators that you’re required to download and learn. A typical scenario will require that you sign u an account and install your browser extension or print your binary options broker details to finalize the process.

The billing system that is deployed by most binary options robot will require you going through As a prerequisite, a majority of these products come with a cash back plan that could be within a 60-day cash back guarantee. This means that if you’re not happy with any of their services that you purchased, you can get a complete refund (which excludes money deposited with the broker).

Some of the automated binary options robot are in most cases backed by brokers, which might imply that it is in their interest that you lose money. Howbeit, it is a general rule that when picking out an automated binary options trading robot, due diligence should be carried out to ascertain who owns and designs the robot.

Asides the fact that some of the automated binary options trading software come with a charge that ranges between $50-$100 monthly/lifetime fee, software vendors do earn commissions when they get you to sign up with a broker (this we mentioned in the some of the review highlighted above). You can see the reason why a big chunk of automated binary options trading software vendors will encourage customers to sign up with multiple binary options brokers, with accompanying substantial initial deposits (as they stand to earn more money with larger deposits).

If you finally decide on settling on an automated binary options trading software, do ensure that it offers you with much needed security. It means you’ll have to check on the security measures that your binary option robot has. This you can do by talking to someone on the support channel, alternatively Google still remains a good search option. It is very crucial that a high level of security is maintained, to ensure that the robot does not act outside the stipulated parameters, by entering wrong trades that might prove costly.

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