Getting Your Cashback Is As Simple As 1, 2, 3

Register now with your favorite Binary Options Broker and complete the form to verify your account.

Getting your Cash Back is as simple as 1, 2, 3!!!

Register now with your favorite Binary Options Broker and complete the form to verify your account.

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Introduction to Binary Options

Binary options for retail traders have been around since 2008, but yet many people still do not know how to profit from them. Do not be deceived by the apparent simplicity of the trading process. You have to understand what binary options are and know how to tweak the market to your advantage. For this to occur, you need to follow this three-step process: Understand what binary options are, know how to trade binary options, and use binary options cashbacks.

What are Binary Options?

Binary options are a new way of trading where the trader is presented with two possible outcomes on each kind of trade, out of which only one will turn out to be correct at the conclusion of proceedings. A valid binary option must:

  • Present an asset to trade. This could be a stock, commodity, stock index or currency pair.
  • Have a validity period for all trades because all binary options must expire. Expiry times could be as short as 60 seconds and as long as a month.
  • Feature brokers who give traders the platform to trade and present their clients trading accounts.
  • Provide traders with a means of transferring trading capital to the brokerage account and withdrawing from the same account.
  • Feature only two options for price behaviour to determine success or failure in a trade. High or Low, Touch or No Touch, In or Out are some of the options that will be presented to the trader for any asset traded. “Binary” means “two”, hence the name binary options reflects the methodology for trading.

How to Trade Binary Options

Just knowing what binary options are does not put money in anyone’s pocket. You have to actively trade by using some of the money in your brokerage account to trade one of the two options listed for your preferred asset. Do not be deceived into thinking that because you have two options to choose from, you have a 50% chance of winning and so you can gamble your way through. For every win, you can only get 80% - 85% of your investment. For every loss, you get 0%. If you invest $100 in ten trades and win an 80% payout each time, you make $800. It will however, take less than ten losing trades to lose this money. So you need more trades to make a certain amount of money and lesser number of trades to lose it. You cannot afford to gamble or to risk too much in a single trade. A good trading system and good risk management are two key elements you must master to be able to survive in this market.

For more info on how to trade binary options, please visit our Binary Options Guide page

Use Binary Options Cashback

Bonuses are good if used judiciously, but they come with a massive problem. Most brokers stipulate that traders must generate trade volumes equivalent to 30 to 50 times the bonus provided. So traders never actually see such money in cash. Same thing goes for the monies won from trading contests. With our cashback program, things are different. A program actually pays back the trader up to the initial account deposit after one month of trading in form of a physical cash payment, through Skrill or Bank Transfer. This is what sets cashback payments apart from regular bonuses. If you are not using a cashback-linked trading account, you are actually losing a lot.

How to qualify for cashback

Open your binary options trading account with any of the brokers listed on our website using the account opening online form. Verify and fund the account and after one month of trading, you qualify to receive a cashback not exceeding $250. Cashback payments are made using Skrill or Bank Transfer. You may decide to open an account for each of the listed brokers to receive as many cashback as possible. However, only one account per broker can be opened. The amount paid as cashback can be equivalent to the initial deposit made with the broker, so the trader is guaranteed up $250 in cashback for a $250 deposit. Cashback payments guarantee 100% risk-free trading because the payment cannot be less than the initial deposit, so you are encouraged to use them.

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